Enter into the world of Modeling

We all want to enter into a profession where we’re paid high, get lots of fame and more importantly which suits our interest. Modeling is such a career which is chosen by a lots of teenager. And if you’re also one of them, then this article is for you. Most of us want to go in this world but are unaware about some of the facts which we should know before entering this world. So Kaalia Modeling presents you with some of the myths and their facts about the modeling. Have a look!


You must be truly delightful or beautiful – The most ideal way to put this is a man can’t be ugly. That implies that you can’t have; terrible skin, odd facial features, or badly colored or a bad hair cut.

If a modeling agency truly needs you they will pay for everything- In case that you are one of the modest clique of models that the world wide agencies bid for every year then the answer is yes. Otherwise it is not the case.

Tallness matters – It is only true for a runaway model. But for a print model you can begin at 5’6″ and this can also run from 5’1″ to 5’4″. And beside all these, there is promotional modeling where no height constraint lies as such.


4) Modeling is truly diligent work – This statement is partially true. The reality of the matter is that models make $25 to $150 a hour for fundamentally standing around looking great, either to be photographed, converse with people or to walk on ramp. But for this they’ve to pass a tough auditions, going from pillar to post which is not a kid’s play.


Models get lots of money- Yes, it’s a fact for many.


Models must be thin – Again a yes for runaway models but exceptions do lie in every field. Modeling is such a field where models of plus size are also available.


You need to comprehend about posturing, being in front of the camera and putting on make up.

You require proficient pictures to send to an organization – The best way is to plan a photograph shoot where you have lots of dress and cosmetics, ensuring you take many pictures and then essentially selecting the best 4 or 5 to send to the agencies you need to apply to.


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What type of model are you?


Everyone knows that in order to be a part of the fashion world a person needs to have a certain kind of look and figure. However you would be surprise to know that there are various types of models and not all of them are tall and lean! Experts from Kaalia Modeling have listed down diverse types of models, read on to know the details:

  • Fashion and Editorial Model

Fashion models are also known as editorial models. These are the high fashion models that you see in high fashion magazines and on runways. These models are generally very tall and slim, so to qualify as a fashion model you need to be lean and must have a height of at least 5’9”! Most of the supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are from this category.


  • Commercial Model

Commercial models are the ones that you can see in television commercials and advertisements. These models can be of any age and there is no specific height requirement for them. To be a commercial model you just need to have a pleasant personality and courage to face the camera.


  • Fitness Model

Fitness models are the ones that have athletic bodies. These models are highly fit and get modeling assignments in which they need to showcase their fitness level. These models get work in fitness TV programs also. So if you want to be a fitness model then you need to work really hard on your body.


  • Child Model

Currently child models are in great demand. Most of the companies look for kids who are in the age bracket of 10 to 15 years. If you feel that your kid is cute enough to be a model then you can contact the modeling agencies near your place to get the correct guidance.


Obstacles that may hamper your dream of becoming a model

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Modeling world is full of glitz and glamour but not everyone can be a part of this world. There are a few hurdles that may prevent a person from becoming a model. Experts from Kaalia Modeling Agency say that as a lot of money is riding on every modeling project therefore the fashion world is very particular about the things that it wants from a person in terms of professional requirements. Read on to know a few things that might prove to be obstacles in your way to the modeling world:

Height and Body Type: It is a fact that every person is unique and beautiful but when it comes to modeling a person needs to have physical characteristics that are “ideal” for this industry. A short height or an overweight body can become an obstacle for sure. Well, you must understand that this industry is such that physical appearance matters a lot here therefore you must not get demotivated if you do not fit in the criterion of becoming a model.

Your Location: If you live in a town or city that has no modeling agencies, then you would find it difficult to materialize your dream of becoming a model unless you decide to shift to a suitable place. In India most of the modeling agencies are located in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, so if you want to enter into this industry then you need to relocate in any of these cities.

Bad Portfolio: Your portfolio is your identity in the modeling world so it has to be excessively impressive. A bad portfolio can become an obstacle as it would not be able to fetch you good modeling assignments. Always get your portfolio made by an experienced and professional photographer.


Is modeling a good career option for teenagers?


These days a lot of youngsters, especially teenagers, are very inspired by the fashion world and they desire to become a part of this field. Some young people want to work as photographers, stylists, make-up artists and photo retouches while the others with good looks and good physique want to enter the fashion world as models.

Experts from Kaalia Modeling Agency say that in today’s world the influence of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is so strong that the teenagers want to woo their followers by living and showcasing a high profile glamorous life and in such a scenario what’s better than working as model! Therefore by default modeling has become a very attractive career option for the teenagers as it provides them an easy access to all the glitz and glamour that they want in life!

Well, some parents feel scared when their teen age kids want to enter into the fashion world at such a tender age. Experts from Kaalia Modeling feels that the concern of these parents is genuine and reasonable but if a teenager has enough calibers and gets proper guidance then he or she can achieve great success in the field of modeling. In fact most of the super models across the world started their modeling career during their teenage. Experts feel that learning to face the camera and the audience at an early stage of life helps the teenagers to grow up into more confident adults. As we all know that a career in the field of modeling has a shelf life therefore beginning early helps in elongating the lifespan of his/her modeling career.

After considering all the aspects it can be said that if you feel that you have the right looks then there is no harm in trying your hand at modeling at a young age but you must work under the safe guidance of renowned modeling agencies.

Why Fashion Models Must Avoid Sugar and Salt?


Fashion models need to be very conscious about their fitness and they need to be extra careful with what they eat. They need to follow a proper diet to maintain their fitness level and they must avoid unhealthy food in order to keep up the health of their body and skin. Experts from Kaalia Modeling Agency say that a lot of models have revealed that they do not starve themselves to be in shape rather they just cut out a few unhealthy food items from their diets including excessive salt and sugar. Read on to know why fashion models must limit the intake of sugar and salt:


Sugar plays a vital role in snatching away the natural glow of your skin, so it is important to limit the intake of sugary food items such as candies, pastries, cakes, puddings, etc.Too much sugar can interfere with the insulin pathway and it affects your blood vessels and quickens the aging process of your skin. Many health consultants believe that dropping sugar from your diet can make a dramatic difference in your appearance within just a few weeks. Eating sugary food once in a while is okay but it must not be consumed on regular basis.


This is an obvious fact that salt makes food tastier but very few of us know that too much salt can cause damage to your skin in the long run. Excessive salt can also lead you to high blood pressure and various other health disturbances in the body. Consuming salty food can cause puffiness around your eyes and make you look sleepy and tires. Therefore fashion models must limit the intake of salt in order to look fresh and young for a longer duration of time. You can use various kinds of herbs to add taste to your food.


Physical features needed to become a Model


A lot of people get impressed by the glitz and glamour of the fashion world and aspire to become a part of it. A huge number of youngsters dream of becoming successful models and due to this they start taking care of their physical appearance from an early age. Well, experts from Kaalia Modeling Agency say that a person needs to be genetically blessed in order to become a successful model.

If you aspire to become a model then it goes without saying that you need to have good physique and physical features to pass as a model. Sometimes people feel that this industry is harsh as it judges people on the basis of their looks but the fact is that this is the basic requirement of this industry.Read on to know what all is needed, in terms of physical appearance, to pass as a model:

Height: We all know that height is one of the chief elements of a model’s personality. A tall person is welcomed by the fashion industry with an open arm. Girls need to be in the bracket of 5’6 – 5’11” and males need to be in the bracket of 5’10”-6’3”. If you are short and still want to become a part of the fashion world then you can do print and commercial modeling or you can try your hand at acting.

Toned body: You need to be physically fit both internally and externally if you want to work as a professional model. If you have a lean body then also you need to do regular workout on a daily basis to tone your body.

Expressive face: Your facial features such as lips, eyes, nose, jawline, etc. should be attractive enough to impress the scouts of various modeling agencies. Moreover, your face should be expressive so that you can do full justice with your job. You can improve your expressions by practicing in front of a mirror.


Want to be a Fashion Model?

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Best Models in India

We all get mesmerized by the stunning women we see in those high end fashion magazines and editorials. They have such strong faces that it becomes really hard to resist them. Too many girls dream of becoming fashion models but it is important to know what it takes to be a successful fashion model. Experts from Kaalia Modeling Agency are here to help you to get an insight in this entire matter.

  • It is well known to all that modeling is a career that has a short shelf-life. Therefore the fashion world is always interested in young girls. So you must be aged 18-21 years when you decide to become a model. It is always better to start up at an early age when it comes to making a career in modeling.


  • Another important aspect is your physical structure. You must assess yourself honestly and then you must decide whether you have what it takes to be a fashion model or not. Be truthful to yourself or else you might have to deal with disappointment later when thinks don’t turn out as per your expectations. Fashion models are really tall so you must be at least 5 feet 9 inches in order to fit the bill.


  • Your body must be in great shape only then you can do justice with the tag of “fashion model”. Fashion models need to be lean enough to display various sort of fashionable clothes and dresses in an elegant manner. This means that you need to do a lot of hard work in the gym!

As a fashion model, you would need to travel a lot. Therefore you must be open to the option of traveling. You might also need to relocate to another city due to work. Your schedule must be flexible enough to meet the requirement of your work commitments.