What type of model are you?


Everyone knows that in order to be a part of the fashion world a person needs to have a certain kind of look and figure. However you would be surprise to know that there are various types of models and not all of them are tall and lean! Experts from Kaalia Modeling have listed down diverse types of models, read on to know the details:

  • Fashion and Editorial Model

Fashion models are also known as editorial models. These are the high fashion models that you see in high fashion magazines and on runways. These models are generally very tall and slim, so to qualify as a fashion model you need to be lean and must have a height of at least 5’9”! Most of the supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are from this category.


  • Commercial Model

Commercial models are the ones that you can see in television commercials and advertisements. These models can be of any age and there is no specific height requirement for them. To be a commercial model you just need to have a pleasant personality and courage to face the camera.


  • Fitness Model

Fitness models are the ones that have athletic bodies. These models are highly fit and get modeling assignments in which they need to showcase their fitness level. These models get work in fitness TV programs also. So if you want to be a fitness model then you need to work really hard on your body.


  • Child Model

Currently child models are in great demand. Most of the companies look for kids who are in the age bracket of 10 to 15 years. If you feel that your kid is cute enough to be a model then you can contact the modeling agencies near your place to get the correct guidance.



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