Why Fashion Models Must Avoid Sugar and Salt?


Fashion models need to be very conscious about their fitness and they need to be extra careful with what they eat. They need to follow a proper diet to maintain their fitness level and they must avoid unhealthy food in order to keep up the health of their body and skin. Experts from Kaalia Modeling Agency say that a lot of models have revealed that they do not starve themselves to be in shape rather they just cut out a few unhealthy food items from their diets including excessive salt and sugar. Read on to know why fashion models must limit the intake of sugar and salt:


Sugar plays a vital role in snatching away the natural glow of your skin, so it is important to limit the intake of sugary food items such as candies, pastries, cakes, puddings, etc.Too much sugar can interfere with the insulin pathway and it affects your blood vessels and quickens the aging process of your skin. Many health consultants believe that dropping sugar from your diet can make a dramatic difference in your appearance within just a few weeks. Eating sugary food once in a while is okay but it must not be consumed on regular basis.


This is an obvious fact that salt makes food tastier but very few of us know that too much salt can cause damage to your skin in the long run. Excessive salt can also lead you to high blood pressure and various other health disturbances in the body. Consuming salty food can cause puffiness around your eyes and make you look sleepy and tires. Therefore fashion models must limit the intake of salt in order to look fresh and young for a longer duration of time. You can use various kinds of herbs to add taste to your food.



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