Physical features needed to become a Model


A lot of people get impressed by the glitz and glamour of the fashion world and aspire to become a part of it. A huge number of youngsters dream of becoming successful models and due to this they start taking care of their physical appearance from an early age. Well, experts from Kaalia Modeling Agency say that a person needs to be genetically blessed in order to become a successful model.

If you aspire to become a model then it goes without saying that you need to have good physique and physical features to pass as a model. Sometimes people feel that this industry is harsh as it judges people on the basis of their looks but the fact is that this is the basic requirement of this industry.Read on to know what all is needed, in terms of physical appearance, to pass as a model:

Height: We all know that height is one of the chief elements of a model’s personality. A tall person is welcomed by the fashion industry with an open arm. Girls need to be in the bracket of 5’6 – 5’11” and males need to be in the bracket of 5’10”-6’3”. If you are short and still want to become a part of the fashion world then you can do print and commercial modeling or you can try your hand at acting.

Toned body: You need to be physically fit both internally and externally if you want to work as a professional model. If you have a lean body then also you need to do regular workout on a daily basis to tone your body.

Expressive face: Your facial features such as lips, eyes, nose, jawline, etc. should be attractive enough to impress the scouts of various modeling agencies. Moreover, your face should be expressive so that you can do full justice with your job. You can improve your expressions by practicing in front of a mirror.



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